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Lower Child Care Costs

Our historic investments in child care will lower costs for families with young kids in licensed care. B.C. families of all incomes, in every part of B.C., are already seeing savings of up to $350 a month thanks to the Child Care Fee Reduction Initiative, with more child care providers signing up every day. Starting in September, families making $111,000 or less with young children in licensed care will have access to even more savings with the new Affordable Child Care Benefit.

Affordable Child Care Benefit

The current child care subsidy is still accepting applications until it is replaced by the new benefit.

Starting in September 2018, families making up to $111,000 a year with children in licensed child care will be eligible to receive a new Affordable Child Care Benefit.

Benefit amounts will vary depending on the age of the children, what kind of licensed care they receive, and family income. Applications for this benefit will open this summer.

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Fee Reduction Initiative

Parents will benefit from the Child Care Fee Reduction Initiative, which offers licensed care providers the option of accessing direct funding to reduce fees. Fee reductions vary based on the type of licensed care and the age of children in the facility.

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How Much Money Could I Save On My Child Care?
Use this to find out how you could benefit from the Child Care Fee Reduction Initiative. Match your child’s age with the kind of care they are receiving.

My child is in licensed group care

You could save up to $350 per month

You could save up to $100 per month

My child is in licensed family care

You could save up to $200 per month

You could save up to $60 per month

More Spaces Across BC

There will be 24,000 new spaces in BC over the next 3 years

Over the next three years we will support the creation of 24,000 new, licensed child care spaces in communities throughout the province. This will provide relief to families who are struggling to find child care and will mean that even more families will benefit from the savings offered by the Child Care Fee Reduction and Affordable Child Care Benefit.

Working side by side with providers, advocates, communities and parents, we will also help existing unlicensed providers become licensed so parents can have security and peace of mind while they pursue opportunity for their families. Improving the quality of existing spaces will help more families get access to quality child care at a price they can afford, so no parent is forced to leave the workforce.

Quality Care For Our Kids

We will boost supports for Early Childhood Educators

Early Childhood Educators are key to unlocking the early learning opportunities provided by licensed care. As part of our commitment to create 24,000 new child care spaces over the next three years, we are going to be expanding training and development supports for these early learning experts. Our children’s early years are some of the most important in their lives. By investing in quality child care for every family that needs it, at a price they can afford, we are giving more kids the chance to get a head start on their education.

A new day for families